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The Quickpoet: 
Performance in English

Lighten up your Webinar

Have you ever concidered to add a poetic or musical contribution to liven up your seminar or webinar? A tailor made wrap up at the end of the day? With humor and compassion, to bring the energy back after e very long day of hard and concentrated work? De Sneldichteres, The Quickpoet, as she calls herself in English, will capture the content of your speech either in song, in rhyme, or both. There are no limits once De Sneldichteres gets inspired. An opening song as a great kick off? Songs or poems to introduce your speakers in a way that is funny and respectfull at the same time? A tailor made wrap up, a resume in rhyme at the end of the day, spot on until the last seconds? Everything is possible.

Studio at home

We love to attend your meeting in person bur if you prefer a virtual approach we can connect with your event from The Quickpoets studio at home. We have the capability to broadcast to anywhere around the globe. We can help you decide what are the best options for your meeting. Call us, or sent us an Email and we will investigate the possibilities.

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